Please stay

American icon and living treasure, Tony Vaccaro. A wonderful man whom I have come to know, has double pneumonia. He is 97, what can I say. Just not ready to say goodbye and don’t believe he is either. He is full of laughs and stories. Please get better and stay a little longer. We need you.

Update: It is Covid 19. Not handling this very well. Trying to believe that a miracle could occur or accept that yesterday may be the last time we ever interact. His family tries hard to protect him, to keep him safe from the world in his NY home. He has been through so much and always strong. Why does it have to be like this. I am so sad right now.

Tony at the beginning of March: “When I was still just a kid they handed me a gun and a camera and said shoot to kill and take some photos. Now they just want me to stay home? Hell, I can do that, no problem!”

Here he is last week, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Love you, Tony. Wasn’t ready for this extra pile of bad news.

Update, 4/18: Tony is home from the hospital!! He is recovering and in good spirits. This man, god love him, survived his two parents dying suddenly when he was 6, the depression, WWII, and now Covid 19 at age 97. What a marvelous beast.

update 4/22 – He’s doing great! Drinking wine and shaving.

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