I don’t have any direct experience with Satanism, but I’m pretty sure I have never seen anyone in their photos or videos (I read up everything on Anton LaVey, having a friend who grew up next door to the “satan house”) wearing medical-style face masks. It’s just not a thing.

Now, Anton LaVey, let’s talk about that weirdo. Not only was he a carnival calliopist, but he also made life-size, real-looking human mannequins, that I’m pretty sure he had sex with. That is kind of more disturbing than his campy devil stuff, in my opinion. There are other deeper reasons why LaVey was a monster, but he was actually talented. My theory is that everything about LaVey was shaped by excessive amphetamine use – starting in the seedy, burlesque 50’s, branching out into the satanic 70’s.

This documentary is interesting. No one talks about the mannequins, and more importantly: Where Are They Now?

Author: Subterraneans

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