La Fidélité (2000)

I enjoy this French film. It has everything. Parody of French society, artiness, intrigue, plot twists. It is 2.5 hours long, so buckle up. You can’t tell if they are making fun of themselves or dead serious. Definitely could watch it a few more times. Hard to find with English. What a pleasure to follow this, should you not speak much French. Pretend you are on a voyage and don’t know the language. What if we could be voyeurs or ghosts popping into situations randomly. What does it seem like to you? Do the actors convey a story with their expressions and gestures? A story unfolds, regardless of how you process words. How many words do you actually know? In my travels, I’ve met people from all over the world who taught themselves to speak languages fluently by watching films. There’s a physicality to their language and unpredictable vocabulary that makes conversations so enjoyable.

Author: Subterraneans

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