Why do I like to travel?

Perspective bolsters empathy. Adventure leaves mental pictures with which to draw from later. Of beauty, of something new. Re-establishing our personal sense of wealth and how to make it work for us and others ie. you are not broke or useless – it’s the culture that influenced you that is telling you so. Be generous, be hopeful, you are alive and well. It is all valuable and life-changing.

Why are the arts important?

They are a channel, or portal if you will, into the subconscious minds of hyperconscious thinkers. Much like the shaman to the cave dwellers. But along with this esoteric vision-scaping comes structure and wisdom, passed down from each ancestor to another. This is a gift that makes people stronger in it’s lessons told in so many ways. Some say the arts can kill, take people down a path of self doubt and destruction. Passion can be too much. The way to stay at least halfway in the light is to keep community tight. Share the message. It’s wandering alone in the dark forest too long that things can get dangerous. but the vision-seekers, readers, keepers, and makers enjoy tight-rope walking; it’s what makes them who they are.

Author: Subterraneans


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