Please buy a book.. or 10.

One of my favorite bookstores, along with Powell’s in Portland and Gotham Book Mart, which sadly closed its doors long ago. No!! Strand’s cannot close. Please survive for another 93 years. If everyone just bought one book, it might make a difference.


I don’t have any direct experience with Satanism, but I’m pretty sure I have never seen anyone in their photos or videos (I read up everything on Anton LaVey, having a friend who grew up next door to the “satan house”) wearing medical-style face masks. It’s just not a thing.

Now, Anton LaVey, let’s talk about that weirdo. Not only was he a carnival calliopist, but he also made life-size, real-looking human mannequins, that I’m pretty sure he had sex with. That is kind of more disturbing than his campy devil stuff, in my opinion. There are other deeper reasons why LaVey was a monster, but he was actually talented. My theory is that everything about LaVey was shaped by excessive amphetamine use – starting in the seedy, burlesque 50’s, branching out into the satanic 70’s.

This documentary is interesting. No one talks about the mannequins, and more importantly: Where Are They Now?

Who all here is “raring to go for Easter”?

I know I’m not. This could have been avoided 2 months ago.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump said he wanted the nation “opened up and just raring to go by Easter,” which is April 12 — a date that few health experts believe will be sufficient to contain the spread of coronavirus.


Test Map

The media and the DPH keep posting the number of cases, but it means nothing, since almost no one is getting tested. Unless, of course, you are an asymptomatic athlete, politician, or celebrity, in which case tests are available for the asking.

Announcing The COVID-19 Testing Map.

Today we are launching a crowdsourced map to help people document their experiences when seeking COVID-19 testing — were they able to get a test when they sought one, or not. One of Safecast’s founding beliefs is that people should have access to reliable and accurate information in order to make decisions about their own safety and that of their friends and families. We began to publish crowdsourced radiation and air quality data in order to provide an independent and credible source of information about these risks. COVID-19 is already having devastating impacts on communities around the world. People need to prepare for what’s coming and need good information to do that. We also believe they should have easy access to testing options to give reassurances about their own health and safety, and to help them make better decisions during this global emergency.

Currently, however, in many places around the world, official COVID-19 testing information is ambiguous and incomplete, and people are dependent on single sources of official information which may be neither relevant nor trustworthy. Due to the failure of test kits to arrive where needed, delivery of incomplete test kits, overly complicated approval processes, or favoritism and discrimination, it has become apparent that there is a gap between the availability of testing claimed by some governments and what is actually available. This is disturbingly reminiscent of what we saw after 3/11, which we’ve written about in more detail here. With the help and input of people around the world, this map will hopefully begin to provide a more accurate picture of the relative difficulty of obtaining testing in various locales. It’s our hope that by providing an alternative source of credible crowdsourced information, this map will become a useful tool with which to better target resources and hold governments and officials accountable.

The map can be found at

More information about the map and how to use it can be found here.

Contributions are already beginning to roll in from all over the world. Each point contains details of someone’s experience getting tested, or more often being denied testing. Every one is worth reading. As this is a crowdsourced map, the more people who see it and contribute experiences to it the more useful it becomes. Please help us share this far and wide.

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