She is depicted in a lighthearted and alternately tragic light, due to her adoration of troubadours and the cult of romance. However, she was complicit in the killing of Jews and Muslims. Though her demeanor rendered her nearly useless on the battlefield, her religious *and often contradicted* fervor and blinding influence was not without consequence.

Her saucy grandmere, Madame Dangereuse.

If I could go back to a moment in time: it would be on the ship which Eleanor spent 2 months, sailing near the Barbary Coast. She was pretending to be lost, but really just avoiding her husband.

Preparing for my entrance as Mamille de Roucy, lady in waiting to EoAquitaine. Died in Jaffa, shortly after marrying her husband, who was 34 years her senior. #wigsarehot
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